Ranking relationships — sunny to stormy

If you want healthier, more meaningful relationships, WeChi is the social network for you. Interactions are represented as weather to illustrate which friends brighten your day, and which rain on your parade.

By gamifying the reciprocal nature of their relationships, users are encouraged to — and rewarded for — paying attention to those who pay attention to them. On WeChi, the quality of your friends truly counts for more than the quantity.

Fair-Weather Friends

As you chat, a proprietary algorithm alters the weather around you based on your interactions. If the relationship is harmonious, you see clear skies and even rainbows. If you fall out of sync with your besties, the clouds roll in and the skies get stormy to reflect the true nature of what’s going on between you.


You can select and customize avatars (illustrated by Fay Andrada) to reflect your personality — and also change your avatars’ expressions and body language to show how you feel about the way you are being treated at the time.