A brave new world for content

For a content creator like Esmail Corp, "U" is the fans, and "X" is immersion in the story. So, to make the story immersive, we built the site up into a living, breathing universe that endlessly reinvents itself.

When the series that Esmail Corp is promoting changes, the site also transforms from one world to another. Mr. Robot’s world of corporate conspiracy is represented by a metropolitan skyscraper that scrolls up, up, and up to reveal who’s actually pulling the strings, and a desert town captures the moral bankruptcy and isolation of Briarpatch.

Esmail Corp website Corporate world Esmail Corp website Collapsed world Esmail Corp website Desert world

To echo the tone of the shows, we let the site’s mysterious agenda prevail, interfering with users’ expectations, by taking it "off the air" for a few hours every night. During the off-air hours—sandwiched between Sign-off and Sign-on Station IDs—the site runs a test card and tone. In addition to forcing folks to consider when they visit, it adds character to the world by invoking the nostalgia of early broadcast TV.

A Gift For The King test card A Portrait of Donald T Grouper test card A Portrait of Siddhartha Eagleman test card A View From Within test card Always Watching test card Catching The Eye test card Children Of The Eyes test card Encountering The Abyss test card Fulfillment test card Lip Service test card Original Sin test card Seer test card Self Portrait test card Semper Et Ubique test card Tech Repair test card The Blue Eye test card The Dance test card The Gift Of Sight test card The Gray Eye test card The Purple Eye test card The Rainbow Eye test card The Yellow Eye test card Whisperings Of Evil test card Wine Goggle test card

To get users to do more than observe, the site has to do more than be observable. So we filled it with easter eggs, puzzles, cryptic messages, hidden games, and tones that can be combined together and played on an oscilloscope and even a call center.

Time code hints hidden in the source code shown next to the Press section of the Esmail Corp website
Still shot from the oscilloscope video of the Esmail Corp logo Still shot from the oscilloscope video of the Eye of Shiva Still shot from the oscilloscope video of a mysterious cloaked figure Still shot from the oscilloscope video of spiral