Chopping up big ideas

For Stuff That, the “U” is risk-seeking companies looking to target new, niche audiences, and the “X” is working outside their brand guidelines. Way outside. So we created a game that encourages folks to get a little weird by frankensteining creatures adapted to live in odd environments. Like an icebreaking exercise, this loosens folks up to think about how they might frankenstein their own brands—and go after those unexpected niche audiences.

We kept the interface simple to make the game easier to understand and win. We made the game’s imagery, themes, language, and interactions pretty goofy to prove the point that something a little unexpected can be a lot of fun. And we added some folksy narration to totally legitimize the whole thing.

We think it turned out to be pretty engaging, but don’t take our word for it — CSS awarded it Site of the day and Design week called it out as one of the best projects from April