Collage of screens from the Play NGL Media platform

We leveraged resources to let a few people run a big ad server

NGL Media wanted to simplify their workflow while bringing a number of processes in house. So we built a custom solution for managing their ad network. Play NGL Media can transcode videos, create embeddable video players that can be shared across the web, and provide detailed reporting on the whole kit and caboodle from one tidy interface.

Collage of screens from the Play NGL Media platform
Screen shot of the Play NGL Media platform on a tablet

When you have a ton of data to manage with few hands to manage it, you need your technology to do the work for you.

Illustrations of the available player types

We built features and functionality completely customized to the client's needs. The player needed to be small, and the site needed to be supremely organized, taking into account areas of overlap and complicated reporting.

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