We made a taking an auto tour easier by removing some steps

This mobile app uses just a few simple decisions and minimal design to keep participants focused on what they really want — imagining themselves in a historical context. Users are led through the famous Battle of Gettysburg through a series of location-based audio tours. Modern-day wayfinding paired with historical maps lead the user through the landscape. New tours can be unlocked throughout the way.

Screens of the Gettysburg Story Auto Tour displayed on mobile phones

We considered where people want to be looking: at the landscape, not at their phones. So the tours are conducted in a simple, linear order with minimal design in order to keep the user focused on the audio and their current surroundings.

Map from the Gettysburg Story Auto Tour
Audio player screen from the Gettysburg Story Auto Tour

We removed as many distractions and "bells and whistles" as possible. The app needed to be easy to use and accessible to older audiences.

Statue from a stop along the Gettysburg Story Auto Tour

The battle sites have no wifi, so it was important that the app work without a connection and be manageable while driving a car.

Diagram of how the app is able to manage many different apps

"The audio tour of Gettysburg is amazing–a living, breathing, thrilling experience of what happened. The whole battle comes alive in telling detail and superb overview. I can’t recommend it enough."